♥ Happy Love Day!! ♥

This past December: Paris, France Seine River Cruise

I had a blessed day today! Yesterday marked me and Joe's 9-year anniversary. We met on February 13, 2004, senior year of high school. Yes, we celebrate this date, too! Lol Nine years ago, Joe had a flower gram delivered to my classroom and that was the beginning of our courtship.

I thought Joe had forgotten our anniversary yesterday but he surprised me with a wonderful anniversary/Valentine's day celebration today. He had taken the day off from work months ago and this morning I woke up to two dozen roses in a stunning arrangement!!

Note: My hubby buys me flowers all year round, as I'm a flower lover, but he really stepped it up today! :)

Probably the best arrangement he's ever gotten me! :)

 Earlier this afternoon we went for brunch aboard a cruise ship. As we sailed along the bay we reminisced about our 9-year relationship and talked about everything under the sun. It was nice to get away from everything and just enjoy each other's company without all the distractions.

A pic from an I.G. post earlier. The view was lovely. 

      For my outfit, I decided to do mostly black with a hint of pink & silver to celebrate Valentine's day.

  I didn't want to be too literal in my interpretation, so
          I opted for all black with soft touches of pink, metallic, & glitter.

Collar Necklace: H&M ≈ $ 6
Metallic Pink Blouse: H&M- $10
Fringe Knit Vest: Target ≈ $ 4 
Velvet Pants: Salvation Army- $2
Glitter Clutch: H&M- $10
Nina Pumps: Ross ≈ $13

It was a rainy day so I threw on my leather jacket!

Loving this mixture of textures!

My hubby looked rather handsome! ;)

I've taught him well! J/K

My Other Valentine! Prince!! Our almost 8-yr old miniature daaschund.

We ended our day with some time between us and God. We are currently studying this book in our small group at church...

Hope you all had a wonderful day! There are so many other perspectives from which we can look at Valentine's Day. Did you let someone know you love them today? If not, what are you waiting for? 

The ultimate expression of love can be found in what Jesus did for us approximately 2,000 years ago, on the cross. Watch this very talented artist describe the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 4 minutes here!!!