“With over 400,000 views & over 8k followers, Ker-Leen has found both growing success and contentment in what she does.”


From the very early age of nine Ker-Leen always knew she had a special gift to share with the world. In the privacy of her room she wrote songs using only a composition notebook, a recorder, and a cassette tape. A few years later, Ker-Leen went on to record her first song in a live studio. She later went on to enroll in a modeling training institution, Barbizon. Once she graduated from Barbizon Ker-Leen encouraged her parents to enroll her and her younger brother into an acting school, which later went bankrupt leaving hundreds of families devastated. After the acting school fail, she withdrew from the entertainment side of her life. She went through high school doing other extracurricular activities and did not think about music until her college years. One day she shared her dreams with her then boyfriend (now husband) and the two have been creating music together ever since.

Today, Ker-Leen has found freedom in creating music independently. Having recorded 2 EPs (available on iTunes) and started up a successful YouTube fashion/lifestyle channel (Thrifty Chic), she has found a way to combine all of the elements of entertainment she enjoys, on her own terms. She has recently launched a motherhood channel, where she explores her new role as a mother with other mothers around the world. The new channel goes by the moniker, LeMomLife™.   (Read more about LeMomLife™ below).

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With over 400,000 views & over 8k followers, she has found both growing success and contentment in what she does. She has been featured in Star Central Magazine as Fashionista of December 2012. She has also graced the stage at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival for a crowd of thousands opening up for Pieces of the Dream and the Ohio Players. In addition to singing and blogging she is also a published writer. Her work has been featured in the S.O.U.L Mag, “an urban lifestyle magazine covering Christian Hip-Hop, culture, fashion, art, ministry and leaders making a difference in their cities.” (S.O.U.L Mag.com)

Education has always been paramount to Ker-Leen from a very young age. Having two immigrant parents really helped her appreciate the value of a solid education. Ker-Leen currently holds a Master's degree in Adult Education from the University of South Florida and she teaches college courses as a professor.  She continues her education journey as an Ed.S. candidate at Nova Southeastern University.

Her goal is to reach others by sharing her life, with an inspirational message that we are all created for a unique purpose. Her desire is  to let Christ be reflected in everything from the mundane to the crazy amazing moments in her life and to connect with people all around the world through her art. Come along for the ride! 




LeMomLife™ was birthed in November of 2015, as a space where Ker-Leen could share her miscarriage testimony and journey as a new mother. Initially, it started as a YouTube channel, but has since morphed into a larger space, where women can share their similar struggles, learn,and grow together. 

The heart behind LeMomLife is that it can be a place where women can come together and be transparent with one another. It is a space where moms can get the resources they need and the information they require in their motherhood journey.

No matter where we come from, what we have, or what we know we all have a similar desire: to be effective mothers. Therein lies the vision of LeMomLife:

"Mothering Done Well"

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