Brown & Black Find Love!

Hi Everyone!

The other day my husband Joe and I hosted a radio show segment on relationships and love, as a precursor to Valentine's day. We covered some popular questions that all couples ask themselves at one point or another. I was so nervous but we simply talked about our experiences and what the Bible says about certain topics.

I decided to marry black with varying shades of brown for my look.

H&M chandelier earrings: $1.50

Thrifted Purse: $3.50 (Salvation Army)

Brown Leather Wedges: $10.48 (Target)

American Apparel Riding Pants: $44.00

Arm Candy: Charlotte Russe

I loved how the brown and black "supported" each other in this look,
when the two colors are generally viewed as contrasting shades.

Later that night, I was asked to perform at a Praise & Worship event called The Runway. I wanted to look more put together so I added a belt to the look. Here are a few candid shots during my performance.

My biggest supporter, Joe :)

Talk to you soon!!!


Colossians 3:14