My Summer Wardrobe Wish List! Cheap Sundresses!

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In this post I want to share the 411 on where you can get some cheap sundresses! I just love summer because it's an excuse for me to don colorful, soft, and flow sundresses every single day! I recently visited an online shop, Rosegal, that's home to some pretty adorable summer dresses. I created a wish list to inspire myself, and hopefully you! 

 Fun in the Sun:

This is the kind of dress that inspires you to be outside soaking up the rays. I love the cold shoulder detailing, along with the slit in the front. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.11.01 PM.png


The Day Date: 

You could wear this to brunch with your significant other with light makeup and your hair pulled back and then rock it with a smokey eye and tousled hair for a night time look! I love the combination of form-fitting plus off the shoulder details.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.01.13 PM.png

 Curvy's Best Friend:

This vibrant number will look good on almost all curvy body types because of the cinched waist detailing. Whether you are a pear shape, or naturally born with the hourglass physique, this dress accentuates the waist. The bold print takes the attention away from things you might be self-conscious about and, instead, draws the eyes to the trail of color you leave behind! 

 The Almost Dress a.k.a Romper:

I love that rompers feel like dresses and wear like shorts. They provide a one-stop shop for getting ready, much like dresses, but give you a little more coverage in the event that a gust of wind catches you off-guard. This romper is white and boho chic. How could you ask for more?

Wrap it Up!

You've got to love a good wrap dress. In this multicolor print you can literally do anything with this dress. You can wear it to a summer wedding, a baby shower, a date night, to get the picture, right?

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?

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Time for a new outfit!

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