This is what happiness look like...

I was reminded recently that true happiness and contentment cannot be acquired by hoping and wishing for things that you do not have; it is obtained by an appreciation for the now. Happiness is being content with where you are and looking for the very small things in your every day, that make you smile. True success is an appreciation of the present moment. As the proverbial saying goes, "there is no time like the present".

God had to allow me to learn that lesson a few years ago, when I suffered my second miscarriage. I had gone through a season where I was coveting the ability to have children. I wanted to say that I was a mother. I wanted to be able to hold a baby in my arms. I believe that God wanted to give me children, but He wanted to make sure that I learned to be content. After suffering a late miscarriage, I was broken. I had two choices: fall into depression, or pick up the pieces that had shattered through my ordeal and learn to accept what was. I chose to do the latter and during my time of healing I decided to be content.

I sought God by reading my Word, and spending intimate time with Him. I busied myself with His work. I got to know my husband more, and I truly began to let go of my covetousness. Today, I look at my little family in these pictures, and I am moved to tears. I chose to be happy before these beautiful babies came into our lives, so now I can appreciate them even more. My happiness is more about their very essences, than being able to say I am a mom. I look at the both of them and I am filled with gratitude over and over again, each day. I have become well acquainted with true happiness.

My little man, styling & profiling. :) 

I am so in love with his curls! 

Just us, in our element. Out and about, enjoying the sunshine.

I am so excited about getting back to myself again. I've been eating right, and working out. I can start to see the results. :) 

This cotton candy colored top was on clearance for less than $15 dollars at H&M a couple months ago. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans and some blue sandals I purchased from Charlotte Russe, before my baby shower, back in March. 

See my previous post for more details on hubby's outfit, and a special contest with JORD Watches. 

It's so much fun styling the family. I used to style the hubby all the time . Now I have three people to style regularly. :) 

I've had this floral crown for about two years now. It still looks amazing.

Some pics of my boys...

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