Top 3 NATURAL Diaper Rash Hacks!

Hey Moms,

Today, I want to share some natural ways to relieve diaper rash without all the chemicals. My babies rarely get diaper rash, but when they do it is always important to me to cure it as naturally as possible. These are the 3 techniques I use to get rid of those nasty rashes. 

*Be sure to clean the baby's diaper area with a gentle wipe or some lukewarm water on a washcloth. Harsh baby wipes or soaps can aggravate the skin further. Pat down dry, and let baby air dry for a few more minutes before moving forward. 

*Remember to patch test these products on a  small piece of skin first. If irritation seems to worsen, discontinue use and try another remedy. 

I've linked the organic versions of these products for you in my Amazon shop.


1. Cornstarch


Yup, you read that correctly! I've always known about cornstarch's benefits, but I decided to use it the other day for my daughter and it worked so quickly!  It's a very old remedy for skin irritation. It absorbs moisture, and dries out the skin so that the rash will heal. Because it absorbs moisture it works faster than most diaper rash creams.



The only cream that works in a similar fashion (that I know of) is Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Cornstarch costs between $1 -$2 per box, so it is a far less expensive with the added bonus of being a natural remedy. 


2. Coconut Oil


In the past I've had great success with coconut oil on my son. Typically it healed a diaper rash within two days. The fatty acids in the coconut oil help to nourish and soothe baby's skin. It stimulates the skin to create more sebum and heal from within. It also works as a barrier to prevent any further moisture from accumulating. 


Coconut oil also has anti-fungal, anti-viral, and antibacterial, properties (source), which is great for healing the skin, too. Furthermore, these properties help prevent a yeast infection from forming in the diaper area.


3. Changing Promptly and Frequently

Did you know that an ammonia-like substance is formed when the baby's stool is mixed with urine? (Source) Yikes! No wonder that baby's tender skin forms a rash! One of the things I do to help keep my babies rash free is change their diapers as soon as they poop, and/or every two hours. I am also vigilant, and will change them whenever I feel that the pee diaper is too full, regardless if its been two hours or not. 


I hope these tips help you moms naturally battle those awful diaper rashes! 


Until Next Time,