My List of 4-9 Month Must Haves

Hey everyone! 

I am sharing a list of some baby essentials from my perspective, for months 4 to 9! This is just a list of things I have used or think could be useful to any mommies out there. Feel free to share anything you are using that may not be in this list! 

9 month photo.png



1. SIPPY CUPS: Doctors usually recommend letting your child experiment with a sippy cup around this time, as it encourages independent drinking sooner. I would just give it to my daughter to let her play with it. She now goes for her brother's sip cup and drinks all of his water! lol

2. BOWLS/SPOONS: This is the perfect time to start encouraging your child to eat independently. You can start with feeding them purees and other meals, and around 9 months start letting them play with the spoon. 

3. TEETHING TOYS: I like the ones that can be refrigerated for instant teething pain relief


4. AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE: I know there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness, BUT, anecdotally speaking it as worked great for my two babies! They work as an anti-inflammatory when the babies body heat releases the succinic acid found in the stone. 

5. TYLENOL: We use it for fevers or teething pain. 

6. HIGH CHAIR: We absolutely LOVE our Ingenuity Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat! It is so portable, and does not take up too much space. We can also travel with it easily!

7. PLAY PEN/PLAY YARD: If your baby doesn't mind being in a smaller space these are a great option for smaller babies (between 4-7 months).

8. BABY GATES: These are more versatile than a play yard because you can create a barrier pretty much anywhere in the house where baby shouldn't be, but baby can still roam freely.

9. OUTLET COVERS/POWER STRIP COVERS: These are a must for all babies, but especially those that our drawn to the power cords like our daughter. 

10. DRAWER LOCKS: We will be getting some ASAP! lol

11. BABY MONITOR: Any baby monitor will do, butt I especially love that the Summer Infant Pixel monitor has a 360 camera lens that feel like a second set of eyes in the room!

12. BATH SEAT: We have been loving our Summer Infant My Bath Seat! 

13. TOUCH N' FEEL BOOKS: I started using these with my son Eilan and he was always excited about story time! He would always bring me the books when he wanted me to read to him.

14. DEVELOPMENTAL TOYS: We have been loving our IKEA tunnel, but you can also purchase them on Amazon.


15. SLEEP SACK: We love the Halo sleep sack, but have found some at Carter's that work just as well.

16. ESSENTIAL OILS: Be mindful of the types of oils used. Many are not considered safe for babies. ALWAYS DILUTE your oils properly! 



What are some of your essentials? Comment down below! 

Until Next Time,