FUN for FREE with FAMILY!!

Hi Mommies,

Today, I am sharing some ideas for free activities you can do with the family for the rest of the year. I know that the larger your family gets, the smaller the budget is for fun activities. I'm sharing 5 of the free things i've done with my family that we've enjoyed! 

1. Take on the Outdoors!


Parks or beaches are great places to go exploring for close to nothing. Look for a park or beach with no entry fee and pack a lunch for everyone. You can even have a picnic in either setting. Some parks or beaches have trails that you can do with the kids safely. (Just be sure to bring lots of water, some bug spray and sunscreen!) If you live in a colder climate, please exercise good judgment regarding the weather. Hot cocoa at the park may work well for certain colder regions this Fall/Winter.

2. Seasonal Activities

Our family Pumpkin Patch photo for 2017...more at the end of the post!

Our family Pumpkin Patch photo for 2017...more at the end of the post!

This fall you can make a list of all the pumpkin patches and free fall festivals in your area and make it a mission to visit each one! Take lots of pictures and video and compile scrap books (virtual or physical). Adopt this practice for every season and have fun creating family memories!


3. Museums


Certain museums will host a free night where you are encouraged to donate whatever you can to the museum, for a chance to walk through the exhibits. You may have to call around to see if and when this is happening in your city. Once you find the museum, mark you calendar, so you don't miss the event! 

4. Visit the Local Library


This one is by far my favorite. We love to catch the weekly story times at the library. I took a break to get settled in with a newborn, but it's been 5 months with little Ms. Fleur, so we will be hitting up our favorite library's story time soon. Some weekends, my library holds a story time that the whole family can attend. Check your local library's calendar of events and take advantage of the free activities!

5. Create Art Together


One of the things my husband and I have started doing is creating art for our home. We are in the process of putting together an indoor gallery. Our plan is for us to create some art together and have the kids do some artwork of their own (guided, of course). I did a video recently sharing an art project the hubby and I did. The end result was awesome, and we will be putting that artwork in our bedroom! (WATCH OUR DIY ART PROJECT).

Until Next Time,


Some pictures from our recent visit to the Pumpkin Patch in our area!