You are Not Alone

Hey Mommies!


I needed some encouragement today after having a really bad day yesterday. It seemed that no matter what I did both babies were not happy yesterday. I made sure that all their physical needs were met, I gave tons of kisses and hugs, but I could not put baby girl down for one second and my toddler kept testing the waters of disobedience.  Baby girl is teething and I think going through a growth spurt, and my handsome boy is going through the 'terrific two' stage. This Bible verse gave me the biggest hug.

He will feed his flock like a shepherd.
    He will carry the lambs in his arms,
holding them close to his heart.
    He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young.

Isaiah 40:11


God understands my role as a mother because He created the role. He is guiding me as He guides my children. He is guiding my family. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to have it all together, or be "superwoman". He is my shepherd and it is vital that I look to Him each and every moment as I navigate my role as a new mommy.  He leads gently, He is loving, and He has compassion for me, you, and our children alike. I pray this encourages you today. You are Not Alone! 

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Hi Mommies,

My toddler and I sat down together and made some custom ornaments to go on our Christmas tree this year! We filmed some of the process to share with you! I hope this inspires you to make some fun crafts with your loved ones this holiday season!


You can grab all of the supplies at a store of your choice. We went to Target for the art supplies and the ornaments. The box of ornaments cost me $6.00. The bottle of paint was another $2.00. All of the other supplies I had around the house. 

  • Supplies:
  • Vinegar
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Clear ornaments
  • Rags
  • Paper plate/cup (for paint & paint brushes)
  • *wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty!

Happy Creating,




Hey mommas, 

So, our 2 year old said goodbye to his crib last week! Yup, that’s right! He is now in a toddler bed!! Well, that’s is, we converted his crib so that one of the sides is off. The first night he fell off twice. He cried the very first time,  and his father rocked him back to sleep. We found him in a prayer position with his head resting on his arms, on the bed the second time. After observing him on his video monitor we have noticed that he now knows to climb back in after falling off. The transition was so seamless and I will share why next. 


Eilan has always been fairly simple when it comes to nap or bed time. Last month he started protesting being placed in the crib. He would whine and cry, and even scream when we would put him down for nap time or bedtime. We couldn’t figure out why he was fighting the inevitable. A couple weekends ago my mom was over and watched the kids for hubby and me. Needless to say, I was concerned that Eilan would give her a hard time. She eventually got Eilan to sleep.

In a later conversation with her, she mentioned that Eilan may no longer want to go in the crib because it makes him feel confined. She went on to say that when he wakes up the thought that he can’t get out may be making the crib a less than desirable resting place. I took heed to that advice and decided we should try converting his crib. I figured we had nothing to lose. We could easily put the crib back together If it turned out to be a disaster. Well, it has been quite the opposite!! Eilan has not protested in the same way for the last several nights. As a matter of fact, it has been relatively painless putting him down for the night. 


This success got me thinking about the way I approach nap times. I started to wonder “what if nap times were less restricting?” What if they felt more natural? It's often harder to get our little ones to sleep during the day, so I decided I would try a non traditional nap time. That’s been working perfectly, too! Here's what I've been doing. When it’s time for a nap, I begin to give Eilan subtle cues. I shut the blinds and put on some white noise in the background. I lay a comforter on the floor, along with some pillows and sometimes I’ll even lay down. After a while he will lay down, too. Before I know it his eyes start to droop, and well, you know how the rest of the story goes. I am then free to do what I need to, whether that is stay right there next to him and catch some Z's or complete some chores. I forgot to mention that my baby girl Gisele also takes her nap around this time. I will usually put her down first, and then work on Eilan.

I thought I’d share my experience because it might help another mommy. This non traditional approach may be the difference between getting some much needed alone time and not having a spare moment to breathe. Not to mention that your toddler needs that nap time for developmental purposes. An added benefit is that you have a much nicer toddler on your hands after they are rested! 

So tell me, have you mommies tried this before? What are some other nap time tips you can share with us? COMMENT DOWN BELOW! 

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Last weekend, I hosted a small get-together for family. The purpose of the get-together was to celebrate my daughter being dedicated back to God. I wanted the get-together to feel personalized, intimate, and effortless. There are a few things I did that I feel made my vision come to life. I will talk about some of those things in this post and include links to items (where applicable) 

1. Start with a Clean/Neat Space

It goes without saying that you have to clean before you entertain, but what I mean here is that you want to do a deep clean. I got as detailed as polishing the cabinets, shining up the appliances, and shining up my sink and faucet. 

2. Make the Space Fragrant

Aside from lighting candles, I also made a DIY scent cocktail over the stove. I put cinnamon sticks, anise stars, and whole cloves in a pot. I brought  them to a boil and let the mix simmer on super low heat. What emanates is this delicious Fall cinnamon-spice scent. It's the perfect recipe for this season! It smelled as if I was baking something delicious, and made the get-together feel more cozy and intimate.

3. Fresh Flowers are a Must + A Few Balloons

Fresh flowers may become pricey for a large gathering (over 50 ppl), or for an event where there will be tables, but for a small gathering (10-15 ppl) like the one I hosted, you only need about 2 bouquets. I went with three bouquets as a part of a sale (3 for $12.00) at my local grocery store. I opted for 2 pink carnation bouquets and 1 pink sunflower bouquet. Fresh flowers automatically add glamour and elegance to the room without doing much.



4. Bright Colors Add Value 

What I found is that bold, bright colors helped to make the space more festive without having to buy loads of decorations. I went for light and dark pink, with a touch of gold in my kitchen/dining area. Because the colors in that space of my house are so cool and neutral, the bold decorations automatically "lifted" the room. I recommend going with contrasting colors to your current color scheme to give the space a quick "facelift". I also did a few helium-filled balloons (just a few) to add some more color. The flowers + balloons cost under $20.

5. Assemble the Food 


Try to serve platters versus large dishes, to avoid the time and cost associated. If possible, try to assemble the platters you wish to serve, as opposed to buying them pre-assembled. I hand prepared the sandwiches I served. I purchased loaves of Cuban bread from the deli, bought sliced sandwich meat, deli style mustard, cheese and lettuce. I made the sandwiches a little before the event and everyone seemed to enjoy them. I imagine they were good (I wouldn't know as I'm on a more plant-based journey at the moment). The cost of making enough for about 15ppl (with lots of leftovers) was around $20



Instead of buying precut/premixed fruit I cut, washed and mixed them myself at home. That proved to be a much cheaper alternative. Not to mention, I was able to mix the fruits of my choice without having to pay a ridiculous up-charge for a custom mix. I did watermelon and pineapple.

6. Cupcakes versus Cake

I spent a total of $15 for two dozen cupcakes, as opposed to the $35 dollars a 15 person cake would cost me. I requested that the frosting be part light pink and part dark pink, to match my party decor colors. The cupcakes were beautiful and really made the set up look as if it took a lot of time and effort! 

The cupcakes are sitting on some trays I purchased from Dollar Tree and I've got the trays sitting on top of leftover tassels.

The cupcakes are sitting on some trays I purchased from Dollar Tree and I've got the trays sitting on top of leftover tassels.


This beverage dispenser is such a lifesaver. We purchased it for my baby shower and have been using it ever since. Two gallons of beverage will bring it to an 'almost full' level. It was purchased from Wal-Mart.


The double-sided napkins are from Target. I love the versatility they offer, not to mention the super cute design! I purchased two packs at under $3 each. 

I also purchased some gold plates and cutlery from Target. Because I did more finger foods, I only needed to purchase one set. This is the style  of plates and cutlery that I chose.


The last thing I wanted to mention in this post is my customized water bottles.  *If you plan on entertaining more than 20ppl, this method can get pricey.* 

I knew that I wanted to have personalized labels on the water bottles, but all of the options I was looking into proved to be too costly, or too difficult. I can't remember how, but I later had the idea of using chalkboard labels. I think that came up when I decided I would turn our homeschool chalkboard into a 'welcome' sign.


Anyway, I purchased two of these chalkboard label packs from Joann's Fabrics/Crafts. I only had plans to personalize 16 bottles. I used some pink chalk from my homeschool stash and the end result was so adorable. Personalized, artsy, unique, and quirky are the words I think best describe the outcome. 


Until Next Time,



5 months olda.png

Hi Mommies,

Today, I wanted to share 3 simple ways to stimulate your baby's brain in the early months of life! Research shows that babies whose parents are constantly stimulating them reach developmental milestones earlier and become independent sooner. (Source) Today I share with you 3 ways I stimulate my infant's brain daily. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take heed to your infant's unique and individual needs. These activities should be done for brief periods of time, at points in the day that are appropriate. Try not to stimulate a baby too much near their nap/bed time.

1. Baby Stimulation Videos

I love to play these videos for my six month old. She loves to watch the high-contrast images dart, sway, and pop in and out of frame. The high-contrast colors make it easy for her to focus. Also, the music  exposes her to the concept of pattern and rhythm early. I played these videos for my son Eilan at a few months of age. It's my opinion that these videos are fun and effective ways to stimulate your infant's brain. 



2. High Contrast Books

Reading to your infant is proven to help give your child a literacy boost. Aside from that, it teaches them how to interact. They get a chance to study your voice's pitch and intonation, your facial expressions, and your mannerisms. Bonding with baby is another benefit derived from reading a book.

When choosing books, go for the ones that have contrasting colors. High contrast books have been proven to stimulate a baby's brain development positively.  My son absolutely loves story time because we started when he was a newborn. Over the course of time he has come to associate reading with cuddles, warmth, hugs, kisses and smiles. It's my hope that this association will keep him passionate about reading in the future. I am currently taking the same approach with my 6-month old baby girl. 


3. Interaction/Playtime

Nothing beats quality, one-on-one time between mom/dad and baby. Your baby needs you more than anything else right now. What better way is there for them to be stimulated than interacting with you face-to-face? I love talking to my baby. I describe the things that are happening to her as I do them. For example, if I am changing her diaper I will tell her just that. I'll explain to her that I am changing her diaper, that I am grabbing a wipe and cleaning her up. I'll tell her it's time for a new diaper, etc.

Wearing your baby for some parts of the day also helps with stimulating their brain. It keeps them close and calm so they can take in their surroundings more confidently.

Wearing your baby for some parts of the day also helps with stimulating their brain. It keeps them close and calm so they can take in their surroundings more confidently.

Find any opportunity to talk to your baby. I also like to give her baby massages after bath time, and lots of kisses and snuggles. Something she loves to do is look in the mirror. Try holding a mirror up in front of your baby and pointing out the different parts of their face while saying each part out loud. 


So tell me, how are you mommies stimulating your baby's brain development??? Share in the comments section down below! 


Until Next Time,




Hi Mommies,

I put together a list of things that we have been loving for our toddler, Eilan. I also filmed a video talking about these products in detail!! 


 This is just a list of ideas...not a recipe for anything. Hoping to share some things that work for us, with the hopes of helping another mommy! 

Products I Mentioned

(These links are my Amazon affiliate links!):





Hey Mommies,

The last Sunday of October was an eventful one! The hubby and I spotted a Fall festival the day before, and decided that we would return the next day. We had good expectations for the festival, but I wasn't quite anticipating the amount of fun we actually had! I broke my healthy eating regimen and had a funnel cake, we walked around, took in the sights, took lots of pictures, and most importantly, spent quality time together. No amount of money can pay for time well spent with your loved ones. Days like this are what I look forward to the most! Photos from the fun that ensued to follow in 3...2...1! 


My little handsome model...all smiles!


This photo is everything! 


Until Next Time,


5 Tips for Managing a Newborn & a Toddler

Ms. Fleur

Ms. Fleur

The prince, Eilan

The prince, Eilan

1. Be Realistic

Juggling a newborn baby and a toddler is quite the responsibility. Each day is different from the next. If you don't have the luxury of a nanny, or a family member's aide, you will be "up to your elbows” in your responsibilities each day. It is important to acknowledge that you are not perfect and kids will be kids. Guess what? No one else's family is perfect, either! Don't compare your family to anyone else's. Those perfect Instagram moments are just that...moments. They are small glimpses of someone's life, and are usually highlights.  What's important is that you set a standard for your family and work toward that standard each and every day.

At home with my 'littles'

At home with my 'littles'

Hubby and our babies :) 

Hubby and our babies :) 

2. Be Patient


It takes time to build and maintain a schedule. It takes time for routines to stick. Consistency is key in establishing a routine that works and is manageable for everyone in the household. Take time to evaluate the effectiveness of the routine from time to time. Something that worked when you first brought your newborn home may not work out after your baby is 3 months old. Practically speaking, my baby girl slept a lot more when she first got home, so I was able to spend much more time with my son (the toddler). Our schedule was also a lot more loose. I am finding that I need a stricter schedule, now that baby girl is 5 months old.

3. Be Creative


Find fun ways to incorporate both children into what you are doing around the house. I like to narrate the things that I am doing to give both  kids a learning experience. For example, if I am cooking breakfast I will talk about the things I am doing out loud, to teach my son something new, and to stimulate my infant's brain. Early on, I would place my baby girl in a cloth carrier and take both babies around the house with me, as I completed certain tasks. I also find that small outings or "field trips" help to add interest to and break up the day. Lastly,  enlisting the help of my toddler with various tasks (to include taking care of the baby) helps him feel included.

4. Be Selfish


It is so important to make time for yourself in your quest to be the best mother possible. Paying attention to what you eat and scheduling in workouts is imperative. I like to think about health this way: It's going to contribute to me being alive longer and care for these little beings, for which I am responsible. In addition to doing these basic things, you should also enlist the help of your village (however small it may be) and schedule time out with your spouse regularly (we are working diligently at this). Don't forget about spending time with your friends once in a while. It's good for moms to hang with some friends and have brunch every now and again! Talking is therapeutic and spending time with friends allows you to talk to other women who share similar situations.

5. Be in the Moment

At the zoo with the gang...this was such an awesome day!

At the zoo with the gang...this was such an awesome day!

I wanted to end this post with one reminder: You Will Never Get This Time Back. When it comes to managing a new baby and a toddler it's important to soak in as many moments as possible. Both babies are changing so quickly. First you're bringing home baby for the first time. The next thing you know, you look up and it's been 5 months! Personally speaking, if it weren't for my smart phone's video function I would be hard-pressed to remember some very important moments. I have filmed any and everything I think I will want to look back and remember. I spend most of my days buried knee deep in diapers, spit-up, and dirty laundry. It's a balancing act trying to keep a newborn content and keep a toddler from burning down the house....(I kid, I kid) no, but seriously, I could juggle at a circus with the best of the best jugglers!

I say all that to say don't forget to enjoy the journey. On days when I find myself getting utterly frustrated I look down and see my toddler smiling up at me, and (besides my heart melting) I am immediately reminded "For this child I have prayed". My journey started with child loss, and I am constantly reminded of a time when my hands were not so full, my home was quiet and clean, but my heart was longing. Being a mom is the greatest gift ever. My babies make me feel like a kid on Christmas who received every single thing on their wishlist. I have never felt more fulfilled. This mix of emotions is what motherhood is all about. So, sit back and enjoy feeling slightly crazy everyday. :) 




Until Next Time,


Remembering Our 1st Babies

KERLEEN (5).jpg

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. I wanted to take this time to send my love and condolences to every mom who has either lost a pregnancy, or a baby, or maybe even both.

On June 19, 2012 I suffered a 6-week miscarriage.


I was in utter shock, and disbelief. I felt as if my heart had literally left my chest and the air had escaped me. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I wanted to believe that the ultrasound was incorrect and that there was still an embryo in my womb. I would have given anything to wake up and realize it was all a dream. My husband and I suffered through it quietly, and eventually, we got to a point where we wanted to try again.

In April of 2014, we were pregnant again.


I was cautious about the pregnancy, and I made sure I stayed off of my feet as much as possible during the 1st trimester. Everything was going well until I hit the 5 month mark. At 19 weeks pregnant, I was admitted to the hospital because my cervix was dilated and completely effaced.


My sac would later rupture, presenting a huge risk of infection for both baby and me. Our son's life was in danger and no time was to be wasted. I spent 9 days at the hospital in trendelenburg position, with the hopes of keeping the baby in as long as possible. Eventually, my body went into labor. At 20 weeks, I delivered a beautiful baby boy. He could not yet breathe on his own. Because he wasn't considered "viable", he was not placed on an oxygen machine and literally died from suffocation in our arms. We held him and kissed his sweet body and dedicated him to Jesus. His name is Korbyn, and he is with Jesus.

We held him and loved on him until he passed away in our arms.

We held him and loved on him until he passed away in our arms.

It was determined I had an incompetent cervix. After doing lots of research, I went on to get a transabdominal cerclage placed in December of 2014, at 10 weeks pregnant.

The day before having my transabdominal cerclage placed. Johnson City, TN

The day before having my transabdominal cerclage placed. Johnson City, TN

Eilan, my oldest baby, at 1 day old. 

Eilan, my oldest baby, at 1 day old. 

It was placed by one of the authorities on the procedure, Dr. George Davis, and since then I have had two beautiful babies. Its hard to believe that my son Eilan was only a 10-week fetus in my womb, when they were operating around him to help save his life. I am amazed by God's goodness every time I have that thought! Every year, we celebrate our son Korbyn's birthday by getting him a cake and just remembering his sweet life. I keep a memory box for him and his framed photo is in our room. It's always bittersweet, but I know that God is with me. He gave us two beautiful babies, because He has counted my tears and they were not shed in vain.


Pregnancy Shoot...pregnant with baby girl here...

Pregnancy Shoot...pregnant with baby girl here...

Family of four...

Family of four...

Two of my blessings today.

Two of my blessings today.

If you've ever gone through a similar situation please be encouraged. You are not alone. It will get better. 

Until Next Time,


FUN for FREE with FAMILY!!

Hi Mommies,

Today, I am sharing some ideas for free activities you can do with the family for the rest of the year. I know that the larger your family gets, the smaller the budget is for fun activities. I'm sharing 5 of the free things i've done with my family that we've enjoyed! 

1. Take on the Outdoors!


Parks or beaches are great places to go exploring for close to nothing. Look for a park or beach with no entry fee and pack a lunch for everyone. You can even have a picnic in either setting. Some parks or beaches have trails that you can do with the kids safely. (Just be sure to bring lots of water, some bug spray and sunscreen!) If you live in a colder climate, please exercise good judgment regarding the weather. Hot cocoa at the park may work well for certain colder regions this Fall/Winter.

2. Seasonal Activities

Our family Pumpkin Patch photo for 2017...more at the end of the post!

Our family Pumpkin Patch photo for 2017...more at the end of the post!

This fall you can make a list of all the pumpkin patches and free fall festivals in your area and make it a mission to visit each one! Take lots of pictures and video and compile scrap books (virtual or physical). Adopt this practice for every season and have fun creating family memories!


3. Museums


Certain museums will host a free night where you are encouraged to donate whatever you can to the museum, for a chance to walk through the exhibits. You may have to call around to see if and when this is happening in your city. Once you find the museum, mark you calendar, so you don't miss the event! 

4. Visit the Local Library


This one is by far my favorite. We love to catch the weekly story times at the library. I took a break to get settled in with a newborn, but it's been 5 months with little Ms. Fleur, so we will be hitting up our favorite library's story time soon. Some weekends, my library holds a story time that the whole family can attend. Check your local library's calendar of events and take advantage of the free activities!

5. Create Art Together


One of the things my husband and I have started doing is creating art for our home. We are in the process of putting together an indoor gallery. Our plan is for us to create some art together and have the kids do some artwork of their own (guided, of course). I did a video recently sharing an art project the hubby and I did. The end result was awesome, and we will be putting that artwork in our bedroom! (WATCH OUR DIY ART PROJECT).

Until Next Time,


Some pictures from our recent visit to the Pumpkin Patch in our area! 


5 Months in with a Baby Girl



Hi Mommies! 

In today's post I wanted to share some tips for nurturing a baby girl. Having a boy first has truly allowed me to see the difference between the genders. When my son Eilan was 5-months old, he was in his own little world. He didn't require too much to be happy. Since having Elle, I realize that girls have unique needs that begin to manifest as early as a few months old.

Gisele's 5 month photoshoot. We do these every month!

Gisele's 5 month photoshoot. We do these every month!

1. Girls need lots of interaction. I mean LOTS.

My daughter Elle loves to make eye contact and is always the most content when she is in the center of the action. Now, it could be a personality trait, but being that I am also a woman I am willing to bet that this is pretty universal for baby girls. As a matter of fact, in a recent conversation with my neighbors they indicated the same about their granddaughter, who is 7 months old. I like to talk to her about what I am doing, whether it be changing her diaper or preparing her food. I find that talking to her helps her feel loved and keeps her happy longer.  That leads me my next point...

2. Girls may not sleep as well.

My daughter Elle has just now started to sleep a bit longer. It takes quite a bit of a routine to get her to sleep for four hours straight. On nights when the routine does not happen, she does not sleep as well. It's  my theory that Elle has had a hard time because of the fact that she is so aware. She does not like to be left out of the fun, so sleeping is her least favorite thing to do. lol (I think she gets that from me).

3. Breastfeeding can be a challenge. 

Elle absolutely loves to eat. But lately, I have noticed that she is too distracted to get in a full feed. If her brother runs past, or if my phone goes off she will unlatch and try to find where the sound is coming from. It takes quite a while to get her to feed until she is satisfied. I am having to seriously decrease her stimulation when it's time to eat. I do this by going in to a dark room with some kind of white noise to get her to relax and focus on feeding. My son Eilan would not get off of the boob until he was completely finished. 

Baby girl is 5 months old!! Time please slow down!! 

Baby girl is 5 months old!! Time please slow down!! 

4. You'll have to consider ear piercing.

I'm not sure why I didn't think about this during pregnancy, but when the time came to decide whether  or not I wanted to pierce Gisele's ears, I was so conflicted. Ultimately, we chose what we felt was best for our daughter and we pierced her ears during her fourth month of life. While I had many questions and fears, I found that research combined with conversations with other moms helped me make an informed decision. (When it comes to something so sensitive, it is best to allow the parents to make an informed decision. Once you have the information trust yourself to do what is best for your baby.) Gisele is unharmed and can choose not to wear earrings later on if she desires. She did so well during her ear piercing. (WATCH THE VIDEO) That leads me to my next point...

5. Baby girls are tough!

As a believer, I whole-heartedly accept the scripture that speaks to the woman (generally speaking) being the weak-er vessel. (1 Peter 3:7), but what I am realizing is that while our genetic make-up is different from the male, we have other strengths that make up for that difference. What I am noticing is that Elle has a strength of mind, if you will, that equips her to handle things her body alone would not. All the things that I thought would make her cry don't. All the times I thought she would be upset, she looks up at me with a smile! She reinforces the fact that women have strong minds! I mean, we are created to give birth! If that ain't strength, I don't know what is!


If you are a girl mom, please share some of your tips or discoveries with us in the comments! 


Until Next Time,


4 Fun Fall Activities in Riverview, Fl!! (2017)


Hi everyone! Welcome to LeMomLife! In this first post, I wanted to share with you some fun things you can do with your family this Fall season.  Fall time is especially exciting for my family and I, so we have compiled a list of fun things to do in Riverview to share with you!


They have an amazing Pumpkin patch that includes a maze. The pumpkin patch is a great place to take photos with the family. After taking your photos you can purchase a pumpkin for carving or stock up on some produce!

They also have a MONKEY SHOW happening on October 14, 2017! Yep, you heard correctly...a monkey show!



Spend some time picking seasonal fruits and veggies with your loved ones or attend a growing class free of charge, at this farm! You can also check out their BOO FEST, on Saturday, October 21, 11am-3pm. They also have a pumpkin patch that is open through Sunday, November 5, 2017.




Enjoy brunch on a farm with your family at A Simpler Place Farm. The dress is informal and menu is priced a la carte! They also have a Fall Farmette Open House & Pig Roast, where you can go on a tour of the farm and participate in pumpkin decorating, apple bobbing, and much more! 



With loads of FREE activities for the family, this event creates a safe environment for your kids to trick or treat while you get to meet local business, organizations and churches! For an additional cost you can partake in some extended activities! 



I hope these suggestions give you some options for lots of Fall fun with your family this year! Share some of your favorite things to do in the area below! 

Until Next Time,