He Ya’ll!

Today, I wanted to share some ways that I stay put together and looking good after having my beautiful babies! These tips are not new, by any means, but this combination has helped me tremendously. I did a whole video with these same tips, if you are more visually inclined.


Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 8.08.03 AM.png
  1. Create Your ‘ME’ Time! Set aside time to do all of the maintenance that you need! For example, I will set aside Thursday and Friday nights to wash/condition my hair, shave, give myself a facial, a mani/pedi, etc. I will even split up the list between Thursday and Friday, so that it doesn’t get overwhelming. I will also sometimes give myself a mani/pedi while watching a movie with my hubby. So, it’s all about being flexible and creating that time! :)

  2. Get Around Other Like-minded Mamas! It is so important to surround yourself with other fab moms because sometimes your confidence, energy and motivation levels are low. That’s when these types of friendships are pivotal. These women will sometimes force you to go get your nails done or go shopping for a new piece for your wardrobe, on days when you are just over it! If your current circle does not include these women, make sure that you are following mommies online who are fabulous and go-getters! Nothing helps me get back on track more than seeing another fabulous momma!

  3. Plan Your Outfit! Sounds simple, right? You will not believe the difference this makes. It is especially important for you to plan your outfits if you leave the house early in the morning. In my case, I like to plan even ‘running errands’ outfits. Yup, you read that right. Even If I am just taking my son to swim practice, I will have laid out my leggings, t-shirt, and accessories the night before. This way, I am not wasting time fussing over what to wear, and I look my absolute best because of my foresight!

I hope these tips motivated you today! Feel free to share a tip with us mommas in the comment section. What’s one thing you like to do to stay put together?