Hey Loves,

I wore this look this past weekend. I subconsciously wore a lot of white this weekend because of that outdated adage about not wearing white after labor day. From what I've read, there were both practical and vain reasons for the "rule". Some say it derived from the older rich, old money, upper crust members of society, as a way to tell themselves apart from new money. Others believe that it had something to do with pre-central heating days when coal was used. White was avoided to prevent soot stains from being visible (digg.com). In any case, white was on my mind. As a result, my outfits were on the lighter side.

This one in particular was effortless. I was going for 'easy glam'. I pulled out this gorgeous, light, surplice top and searched my closet for the perfect bottoms. These vintage jeans were a perfect match. They now fit me like boyfriend jeans, as I've lost about 50lbs since giving birth last June. When I first purchased them they fit more close to my body. I then decided to go for the most comfortable pair of heels I own and these nude Forever21 pumps 'made the cut'. My jewelry is from Montana Silversmith. I did a review for their beautiful pieces on my YouTube channel

Surplice blouse: Forever21

High-waisted Jeans: Vintage Find

Nude Pumps: Forever21

Jewelry: Montana Silversmiths

I hope you were inspired by this super simple look. Comfort and glam can co-exist! See you in the next post.