I pulled out my favorite pair of jeans today, and held my breath for a bit as I slid them on. I wasn't sure if they would fit the same. I wasn't sure if I had lost enough weight or inches. I wasn't sure if I would fit into this literal and figurative pair of jeans again. To my astonishment, I zipped them up without a struggle!

These jeans are symbolic of being the best version of me possible. I owe it to God, myself, and my family to maintain the level of health and productivity I previously held, prior to becoming a mother. I  am consistently working out during the week and I want to gradually build up a more rigorous routine. I also have plans to  modify my diet in a couple months, once the baby starts solids and begins to wean off of breast milk.

I absolutely adore being a mom, and today, this small victory gave me that much more to be joyful for.

Oh, and I styled my jeans with one of my favorite tops at the moment. ;)

Top purchased from Ross; I love the boho/peasant appeal

This is why I love thrifting; It's a fortuitous occasion to stumble upon hide gems like this structured bag.

As I recollect these are from Ross, too! lol I purchased these heels on clearance for under $10!

See you in the next post.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12