MMIFW: Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week: OOTN

Hi lovely people,

I instagrammed a picture of this look and got so many compliments that I decided to share it on the blog.

I've also just posted a brand new fashion video featuring some of the looks I wore while in Miami.
Click HERE to view my THRIFT HAUL + STYLING: Miami Edition Video!!!

Believe it or not, this dress only cost me $2.50 from Salvation Army!!
When I saw this dress, I fell in love.
After washing it, it looked as good as new and absolutely fabulous!

This clutch is an old purchase. It makes appearances when I need something
 small, neutral, and sophisticated. :)

My shoes were purchased from Target on clearance for only $9.88

Mingling before the fashion show starts. :)


The Good

For one, the whole concept of MMIFW is innovative. Showcasing fashion designs from all over the world is a wonderful opportunity for cultural enrichment.

I also loved the staff. The front desk staff greeted my husband and I warmly at the VIP reception. Although our press passes hadn't been printed up, we had no problem getting in, redeeming our drink passes and mingling with the other VIP. During the first night of the fashion shows we received our press passes at the door and were escorted into a huge atrium, normally a South Beach club during  business hours.

The Bad

Although the Miami Beach backdrop was the perfect setting for this fashion week, it lacked the style and elegance that it should have had.

One of the things I didn't like was the fact that the runway wasn't properly lit. It was hard to see the details on some of the designs and even harder to capture them on camera (hence, the lack of pictures on here).

In addition, the music that was played on the runway had vocals, and derogatory vocals, at that. The music traditionally played during a fashion show has minimal vocals, that are barely noticeable so as not to detract from the models.

I felt the music was so distracting it took my attention away from the designs. This was the 2nd annual MMIFW, so I will give the event coordinators the benefit of the doubt.

All in all, the fashion week was enjoyable. I believe that if they work on the finer details, this can grow to be one of the biggest events in the South Beach fashion community. I had so much fun in Miami  and made some great connections, so my trip was definitely worth it.


Colossians 3:14