My new single is an expression of things that have been in my heart and mind, since becoming a mother. I had this prayer, that seemed more earnest after experiencing miscarriage 2x. I wanted to become a mother. Just when I surrendered that prayer to God and cast all of my care on him, He began to work on my heart. Soon, my hubby and I found out we were expecting yet again. God blessed us with the means to receive a surgery that would cure my condition 'incompetent cervix' and, ultimately, we brought life into this world. 

In the song, I am literally talking about my son rising, but more central to the meaning is the way that God shined brightly on me and blessed me after I surrendered everything to Him. The sunrise is a symbol of a new dawn or beginning. The song is also a reflection of Jesus and what his resurrection means to me as a believer. The imagery in the song details my relationship with Jesus and can also give you an idea of how I feel about my son, Eilan.

So, this song has multiple layers, in terms of meaning and interpretation. I put my all into this one and I wrote it to ecourage those of you who may be going through a period of waiting. Don't give up. Trust God. Grow through the process. 

Download 'SUNRISE' today:…/album/sunrise-single/id1085979688