"BeAYouToFull is an anthem for women all over the world. This 90’s inspired hip-hop/pop number was written to remind every woman “you are more than what society says you should be. You are more than what your outward appearance displays. You are of royal blood, created by an all-powerful God and purposed for something specific on this earth. You are victorious and deeply loved by your Creator.” Also gracing this track is renowned and talented femcee Dynasty. Together, these two women form a dynamic duo to deliver a powerful message on this song."


My new single is an expression of things that have been in my heart and mind, since becoming a mother. I had this prayer, that seemed more earnest after experiencing miscarriage 2x. I wanted to become a mother. Just when I surrendered that prayer to God and cast all of my care on him, He began to work on my heart. Soon, my hubby and I found out we were expecting yet again. God blessed us with the means to receive a surgery that would cure my condition 'incompetent cervix' and, ultimately, we brought life into this world. 

In the song, I am literally talking about my son rising, but more central to the meaning is the way that God shined brightly on me and blessed me after I surrendered everything to Him. The sunrise is a symbol of a new dawn or beginning. The song is also a reflection of Jesus and what his resurrection means to me as a believer. The imagery in the song details my relationship with Jesus and can also give you an idea of how I feel about my son, Eilan.

So, this song has multiple layers, in terms of meaning and interpretation. I put my all into this one and I wrote it to ecourage those of you who may be going through a period of waiting. Don't give up. Trust God. Grow through the process. 

Download 'SUNRISE' today:…/album/sunrise-single/id1085979688


Expressions Tampa

Last night I was afforded the opportunity to minister my songs at Expressions Tampa. Expressions is a "place where Christians can come and express themselves for the Lord Jesus Christ. At Expressions we would like to have believers showcase the talents that God has blessed them with."

I absolutely love the environment there. It is so welcoming and the new, more spacious location makes it a family-friendly place to chill on a Friday night. I was blessed to perform along side some other very talented women and the Holy Spirit was truly there. I believe that all who were in attendance were truly blessed in some way. 

I performed my new single, SUNRISE, alongside Beryl of Live the Rhythm Dance Company, Clyla Destiny, and Manuel Garcia. I am so grateful to share the stage with other artists, who like me, want to share their God-given gifts with the world. 

Enjoy the performance stills! :) 


Festival Time!!

Hello Everyone!

I was blessed with the opportunity to perform at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival. I performed two years ago and it was such an amazing experience. This year I was able to work with the same choreographer Beryl (Live the Rhythm) and dancers Clyla and Manuel. The dancers are some seriously talented individuals who helped bring the show together. I also really enjoy adding the element of dance to my sets. In addition, I recruited the help of sister duo Heart of Gold as supporting vocalists. Overall we were prepared and we did a great job. I can't wait for what the rest of this year holds. Here are some stills from the performance.