Business Casual Brunch

I wore this look the other day for a day out to take care of some business. This is my idea of appropriate attire for meeting a client or partner at a casual brunch. A blazer like this one always helps to make the look more polished. The vibrant jungle-inspired print keeps this look from getting too serious. Underneath the blazer, I wore a pair of ripped blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt. I topped the look off with a wife-brim fedora I scored at Aldo a few years ago. 


Because my accessories were so bold, I went with understated jewelry. Its always good to keep your look balanced. 


Blazer: Zara (SIMILAR ONE)

Shoes: Charlotte Russe


Bag: Kate Spade

Purchase a similar bag HERE.  


My Casual Business Meeting Wardrobe Essentials

1. Blazer (Can be in a print, but be mindful of setting where meeting will be held. For example, neon colors would not come across well in a fine-dining establishment.)

2. Crisp Blouse (When in doubt, go with a pale, solid color)

3. Tailored pants or jeans (When in doubt, no distress on jeans)

4. Closed-toe Shoes (Solid color; heel or flat is okay)

5. Your handbag can make a statement for a bit of pop. Statement earrings OR statement necklace is okay, but not both, so as not to over do it.

Take all of my advice with a grain of salt. Use them as suggestions and wear what makes you feel your best!

See you in the Next Post,