Well, our baby girl is here!! I do not have the words to express how grateful I am to have given birth to another beautiful and healthy baby. She is already almost two months old! The Lord has been so gracious to me and my family. 

I posted the following on my Facebook page to explain the names of our children: 

Some people asked us about our babies' names recently. God gave us Eilan one night on the way to a movie. Eilan means oak. I didn't understand why God gave us that one and later I read Isaiah 61:3 and it became clear. God had replaced our mourning with the oil of gladness. Our family being an oak of righteousness to bring glory to God. Gisele means an offering and Fleur is flower in French. She is our flower offering back to God. So now we have our oak and flower; our very own Eilan and Elle. 💙💙💙

My c-section experience was a good one yet again. I was graced with the opportunity to have the same surgeon conduct my c-section this time around. She ended up switching hospitals. Although I wasn't very fond of the hospital, I was grateful to the have the same surgeon a second time around. For the most part, the staff at the new hospital did a great job. I stayed for the entire 3 days and then we took our baby girl home. Recovery was not bad; I started to feel better the following week and I was able to get off of my pain meds all together. I will be doing a video introducing baby girl and talking more about my recovery experience on my mommy channel on YouTube (LeMomLife). 

The birth of our baby girl was peaceful and beautiful! I wanted to share some photos with you all from that amazing day! If you haven't watched my birth vlog you can view it here.

Here's another gallery of pics from my pregnancy...enjoy the carousel. :) 

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