Fashion Trends of the Moment

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I'm back with another fashion post! I am featuring Zaful again, as I have been partnering with them as of late. This post is all about some of the most note-worthy trends this season. Don't worry, I've got you covered; the items are linked! Enjoy the post and leave your thoughts below! What's your favorite fashion trend this season? Personally, I am really into over-sized outerwear right now. 


1. Over-sized/ Long Outerwear


 There is something very chic about an over-sized coat or jacket. Throwing on an over-sized coat atop a dress or a top and jeans creates interest, edge, and a bit of mystery. 

2. Over-the-Knee Boots  


I love that these come in so many varieties. Stiletto, chunky heels, high heels, flats, opened toes,  pointed toes, rounded toes, etc. You can dress them up or down. A great pair of OTK boots are a great default for all of your fall and winter outfits. 

3. Faux fur details


Nothing days glamour like fur. If you want that effortless 'wow' factor, try some faux fur details this Fall and Winter season.  Faux fur is a trendy way to look fabulous whilst protecting animal rights. 

 4. Plaid/tartan


What I love about this runway craze is the androgynous feel of a tartan or plaid clothing item. There’s also something so polished about plaid. 

5.  Fray Hemmed Jeans

 Now, this is one trend I never thought would be a ‘thing’. I certainly never pictured wearing jeans that looked like this in any capacity other than a show. But fray hem jeans are a new trend making ‘waves’ in the fashion community. Done correctly they are, surprisingly, clever. 

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