The Oxford Exchange: Intellectual. Chic. Modern. Sophisticated.

Hi Lovelies,

A couple of weekends ago, the hubby and I visited an extremely chic business called The Oxford Exchange, in Tampa.

I absolutely LOVED this place!! It's a restaurant, retail shop, bookstore, coffee shop, tea bar, and commerce club all in one! Whatever your inclination, this place will probably provide a service that  caters to it.

 It was such a relaxing environment and it tickled many of my senses. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans wafted from the coffee bar. The colorful bookcases beckoned me toward the titles. The sea of voices from the people inside prompted a mini celebration in my mind. :)

This place was perfect! This is the kind of place I can take my kids to in the future; a nice alternative to the library. Our visit was rather brief as we had other plans that day, but I plan on going back until I have patronized each service of this establishment. Enjoy the picture diary. :)


My Look
Blouse (Thrifted)
Leggings (Thrifted)
Shoes (Target)
Purse (H&M)
Earrings... can't recall :(
H&M has some really nice pieces for men! My hubby's tangerine
v-neck is from H&M. I think these v-necks are great staple
pieces for men in any season, but especially in the
Spring/Summer time. 

This is how I see him in my head. :) Love this man :)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today!!


Colossians 3:14