This is what happiness look like...

I was reminded recently that true happiness and contentment cannot be acquired by hoping and wishing for things that you do not have; it is obtained by an appreciation for the now. Happiness is being content with where you are and looking for the very small things in your every day, that make you smile. True success is an appreciation of the present moment. As the proverbial saying goes, "there is no time like the present".

God had to allow me to learn that lesson a few years ago, when I suffered my second miscarriage. I had gone through a season where I was coveting the ability to have children. I wanted to say that I was a mother. I wanted to be able to hold a baby in my arms. I believe that God wanted to give me children, but He wanted to make sure that I learned to be content. After suffering a late miscarriage, I was broken. I had two choices: fall into depression, or pick up the pieces that had shattered through my ordeal and learn to accept what was. I chose to do the latter and during my time of healing I decided to be content.

I sought God by reading my Word, and spending intimate time with Him. I busied myself with His work. I got to know my husband more, and I truly began to let go of my covetousness. Today, I look at my little family in these pictures, and I am moved to tears. I chose to be happy before these beautiful babies came into our lives, so now I can appreciate them even more. My happiness is more about their very essences, than being able to say I am a mom. I look at the both of them and I am filled with gratitude over and over again, each day. I have become well acquainted with true happiness.

My little man, styling & profiling. :) 

I am so in love with his curls! 

Just us, in our element. Out and about, enjoying the sunshine.

I am so excited about getting back to myself again. I've been eating right, and working out. I can start to see the results. :) 

This cotton candy colored top was on clearance for less than $15 dollars at H&M a couple months ago. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans and some blue sandals I purchased from Charlotte Russe, before my baby shower, back in March. 

See my previous post for more details on hubby's outfit, and a special contest with JORD Watches. 

It's so much fun styling the family. I used to style the hubby all the time . Now I have three people to style regularly. :) 

I've had this floral crown for about two years now. It still looks amazing.

Some pics of my boys...

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An Early Anniversary Gift...

Hi Everyone,

This month hubby and I will celebrate our 9-year wedding anniversary. I decided to surprise a him a little early, with something I knew he would love! 

This beautifully crafted timepiece is a one of a kind design from JORD watches. JORD watches and I are partnering to host a contest!! Keep reading to find out more! 


We were out and about for a little staycation before our anniversary, so the whole family got dressed up! Here's run down on how we styled this watch:

The striped navy and white shirt and the dusty pink shorts were from an Old Navy purchase. The boots were purchased from H&M some time ago.


The black face against the shade of the wood blends perfectly together. I love the transparency of this style watch, too. You can see every detail in the expert craftsmanship.

I love that this watch comes with a microfiber towel and an extra link for good measure. When you receive the package it feels like a custom, one of a kind present. I would highly recommend this for the men in your life when you want them to feel extra special.

This style, the Dover Koa & Black, is the perfect mix of stylish, trendy, and sophisticated. It fits the aesthetic of dress that is on trend for men right now; casual dressy. 

This style, the Dover Koa & Black, is the perfect mix of stylish, trendy, and sophisticated. It fits the aesthetic of dress that is on trend for men right now; casual dressy. 

The hubster thoroughly enjoyed his gift. What he loves about the watch is that it's a highly detailed piece. The craftsmanship is one of a kind, making the watch a unique piece in his collection. This timepiece can be styled casually or for a more dressy, or serious occasion. We will definitely be purchasing more watches from JORD in the near future. 

As I mentioned earlier, JORD and I are partnering to host an amazing contest!  Click HERE to enter the contest. Every person who enters will be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site!! Click HERE to enter the contest.




Father's Day 2017

For Father's Day 2017 we visited what has quickly become one of our favorite places to go as a family: the Zoo! :) Eilan enjoyed it and I think that's why hubby and I enjoy it so much now. It is such an amazing feeling to watch his face as he sees all his favorite cartoon animals in real life! Here are a few photos from our day. 


My boys had on tailored shorts and shirts with athletic sneakers. I am loving this casual preppy trend right now. 

I wore this Ikat print romper and it was perfect. It was loose, light, bold, and feminine. That's the look I'm going for these days as I heal and et back into shape post pregnancy: Easy, Feminine, Fabulous! I paired it with some fringe strap-ups I purchased from Marshall's. The romper is from target. For an interesting mix, I threw on some leopard print hoop earrings. I'm all about minimal jewelry these days, with just a pop of interest. 

I wore this Ikat print romper and it was perfect. It was loose, light, bold, and feminine. That's the look I'm going for these days as I heal and et back into shape post pregnancy: Easy, Feminine, Fabulous! I paired it with some fringe strap-ups I purchased from Marshall's. The romper is from target. For an interesting mix, I threw on some leopard print hoop earrings. I'm all about minimal jewelry these days, with just a pop of interest. 

Later that night, we all went out to dinner at an amazing restaurant called Elevage. Per usual, we took some family photos. :) 


We visited the zoo for Eilan's 2nd birthday, too! Here are some pics from his bday festivities. ;) 

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Well, our baby girl is here!! I do not have the words to express how grateful I am to have given birth to another beautiful and healthy baby. She is already almost two months old! The Lord has been so gracious to me and my family. 

I posted the following on my Facebook page to explain the names of our children: 

Some people asked us about our babies' names recently. God gave us Eilan one night on the way to a movie. Eilan means oak. I didn't understand why God gave us that one and later I read Isaiah 61:3 and it became clear. God had replaced our mourning with the oil of gladness. Our family being an oak of righteousness to bring glory to God. Gisele means an offering and Fleur is flower in French. She is our flower offering back to God. So now we have our oak and flower; our very own Eilan and Elle. 💙💙💙

My c-section experience was a good one yet again. I was graced with the opportunity to have the same surgeon conduct my c-section this time around. She ended up switching hospitals. Although I wasn't very fond of the hospital, I was grateful to the have the same surgeon a second time around. For the most part, the staff at the new hospital did a great job. I stayed for the entire 3 days and then we took our baby girl home. Recovery was not bad; I started to feel better the following week and I was able to get off of my pain meds all together. I will be doing a video introducing baby girl and talking more about my recovery experience on my mommy channel on YouTube (LeMomLife). 

The birth of our baby girl was peaceful and beautiful! I wanted to share some photos with you all from that amazing day! If you haven't watched my birth vlog you can view it here.

Here's another gallery of pics from my pregnancy...enjoy the carousel. :) 

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Getting Ready for Baby!

Hey Everyone,

As you all know I am currently expecting. I am due sometime in May, so baby girl will be a Spring baby. I can't wait to take her for trolls in the park and outdoor excursions. Hubby and I love to go for jogs together, so finding a dependable jogging stroller has been a priority for us. 

I was ecstatic to try out this new Evenflo stroller because of our need. However, when we received it and tried it out I was blown away by the quality. 

The Evenflo  Jogging stroller is a high quality jogger/runner's stroller that helps make exercising with a baby easy. Here are a few things I love about the stroller: 

  • It has an awesome reflective canopy that keeps baby and me safe exercising after dark
  • The seat is spacious and comfortable for a toddler up to 70lbs
  • The storage basket is huge! 
  • It has real real I mean they are inflatable so that you can control the pressure. They are also more shock absorbent, which makes for a smoother ride and better handling while running. The tires also have treads, which give more traction on any surface.
  • It has a safety latch that goes on your wrist to prevent the stroller from getting away
  • It also has  a cupholder and a pouch on the inside of the stroller where a sippy cup or snack can be stored
  • I also enjoyed the pouch on the back of the stroller which allowed me to store my keys and cell phone securely
  • The handle height is also adjustable which is great because I'm a shortie, but hubby is tall. We can adjust it to our liking.

Once baby gets here I will be going on lots of jogs as I strive to get back in shape. This stroller is the perfect fit for our family because of all these options. It's also very stylish and you all know how important that is to me. You can check out this stroller here

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Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since my last post and in the last post I talked about styling my body in pregnancy. I'm so excited to feature a company that gives pregnant women options...LOTS of options. PinkBlush is an online site that carries clothing for all types of women. They carry regular sizes, plus sizes, and maternity wear for both women. I have worked with them in the past and they sent a few more pieces to review for them this pregnancy. 

This lovely rust colored dress makes me feel so beautiful. I love the bell sleeves and the fact that it flairs outward toward the bottom. This one made looking fabulous so easy for me!

This dress is the most flattering on me. It hugs all the right places and the gorgeous print conceals anything I don't want to be seen ;)

This little gold, shimmery number is something I can see myself wearing to go on a date with hubby. Who says you can't look fabulous when pregnant? I love that it's a light fabric with a little bounce to it. 

This little gold, shimmery number is something I can see myself wearing to go on a date with hubby. Who says you can't look fabulous when pregnant? I love that it's a light fabric with a little bounce to it. 

If you are in the market for some one of a kind clothing I recommend checking out PinkBlush Maternity. I love that there are loads of options for the plus size pregnant woman.

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Dressing The Baby Bump!

So you may or may not have heard, but my husband and I are expecting baby #2! I announced on my IG ant FB pages at the top of the year. We were hoping and praying for another baby, but did not expect it to happen so quickly. When we found out it was a girl we were even more elated!! God answered a long time prayer of mine for a boy first, and then a girl. 

This pregnancy, I popped right away. Only at first, I looked like I just put on several pounds. As you all know prior to this baby I was on the road to a 'fitter' me. So I felt extremely self-conscious those first few months. On top of feeling this way I was sick most of the time. You name it I experienced it: nausea, vomiting, heartburn, fatigue, headaches, round ligament get the picture. Needless to say, my motivation to dress up was not at it's greatest. 

I have finally begun to feel like myself again and I am embracing this baby bump! We only have a few more months until baby girl arrives, which also means only a few more months to dress my bump! I saw this top at Zara during a recent clearance sale and I had to have it. The only problem was I couldn't find it in my size. My hubby came to the rescue and dug out my size from under a pile of clothes that had fallen off of the rack! I styled my look around this top and I think this monochromatic palette turned out nicely. Very winter-appropriate! I hope you like! 

Top: Zara

Bottoms (Jeggings): H&M Maternity

Shoes: 599Fashion

I just adore the sleeves with the ruffled tiers of mesh! 

I just adore the sleeves with the ruffled tiers of mesh! 

Coordinating with my sweet boy for church! 

Coordinating with my sweet boy for church! 

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Hey Loves,

I wore this look this past weekend. I subconsciously wore a lot of white this weekend because of that outdated adage about not wearing white after labor day. From what I've read, there were both practical and vain reasons for the "rule". Some say it derived from the older rich, old money, upper crust members of society, as a way to tell themselves apart from new money. Others believe that it had something to do with pre-central heating days when coal was used. White was avoided to prevent soot stains from being visible ( In any case, white was on my mind. As a result, my outfits were on the lighter side.

This one in particular was effortless. I was going for 'easy glam'. I pulled out this gorgeous, light, surplice top and searched my closet for the perfect bottoms. These vintage jeans were a perfect match. They now fit me like boyfriend jeans, as I've lost about 50lbs since giving birth last June. When I first purchased them they fit more close to my body. I then decided to go for the most comfortable pair of heels I own and these nude Forever21 pumps 'made the cut'. My jewelry is from Montana Silversmith. I did a review for their beautiful pieces on my YouTube channel

Surplice blouse: Forever21

High-waisted Jeans: Vintage Find

Nude Pumps: Forever21

Jewelry: Montana Silversmiths

I hope you were inspired by this super simple look. Comfort and glam can co-exist! See you in the next post. 




So blessed to have spent another holiday with my boys. 💙There are no words to describe my gratitude for the blessing of a son and a wonderful husband to share this thing called life. We didn't do much this holiday, but doing little with these guys is way more exciting than doing a lot without them. I am so grateful that God would entrust me with these beautiful creatures.😁🙏🏾



That smile melts my heart every time!

That smile melts my heart every time!

Eilan is totally ready for the runway. 😌😁

Look out! Here he comes! 

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Hey Hey Hey! 

Thanks for meeting me back here on this lovely Friday morning! I hope that your week has been great and I pray that your weekend is even more exciting! I'm sharing some Friday fashion inspo. with you today and I hope that it encourages you to try something new with your style this weekend!

I styled two looks using pieces that I've thrifted recently and some that I've owned for quite some time. I hope you ENJOY! 


Dress: Thrifted (Slinky Brand HSN)

Belt: Old Purchase

Heels: Charlotte Russe

Hat: Old Forever21 Purchase

GAP Blouse: Thrifted

Levi's Jeans: Thrifted- Salvation Army

Heels: Charlotte Russe


What are your favorite places  to go thrifting? Leave me your comments below! See you in the next post! 





Hey Everyone! 

I'm back with another look for you! First off though, I want to thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for taking the time to stop by my site. I do not take your support lightly, as it is what helps me stay motivated! Feel free to leave a friendly comment below to let me know what you think!

Believe it or not, the polka dotted fabric peeking through my sheer blouse is a bathing suit! This past weekend hubby and I decided to take a drive out by the Bay. I wasn't sure whether we would get in the water or not so I popped my bathing suit under my clothes just in case.

During this process I realized that bathing suits can be dressed up just as you would for a body suit. Besides they are essentially the same thing, right? The bathing suit is usually lined, wired, and padded for support and resistance. Anywho, I hope this looks gives you some inspiration! As Summer winds down to a close you can still take some of your favorite full body suits and transition them into your Fall wardrobe! 

Sheer Blouse: 599 Fashion

Cat-Eye Sunnies: (Similar)

Bathing Suit: Old Purchase

Bodycon Skirt: Forever21

 Jeweled Flats: Old Purchase


We took Champ out to practice his new walking skills and he really enjoyed it! We love this little guy so much! Every day with him is such a gift. 

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Hi Everyone!! 

Today's post is all about this adorable ruffle/off-the-shoulder number!! I was gifted this beautiful denim dress from Nissy's Closet Tales! I was in the market for something like this to rock this summer, and this couldn't have come at a better time! 

I love the off-the-shoulder detail, but I'm also grateful for the straps on this dress. It's in a denim material, but the cut of the fabric sends this dress away from the body, so I can keep cool. The length is short, so if you are over 5'1, I would recommend being ready to rock this with some shorts or leggings. 

I felt very chic and glam in this beauty! This beautiful garment is giving me ethnic, spaniard, bohemian vibes and I am in love! I can't wait to style it over and over again. I may do a styling video with this one in the near future so stay tuned!! In the mean time, check out Nissy's Closet Tales for some affordable and trendy summer fashions! 

How I styled it:

  • Feather Earrings: DIY
  • Leopard Print Bangle: Old Purchase
  • Chunky Wooden Platform Sandals: Calvin Klein






Hi Everyone! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my site today! I put together some of my recent thrift finds into a motion lookbook for you!! Thrifting has always been one of my favorite things to do! I love the thrill of finding hidden gems (in great condition) for little to nothing!

Saving money and looking great is totally possible! I find it especially enthralling when I can take a thrifted piece and work it into my wardrobe seamlessly. I try not to make it obvious that I went thrift shopping when I put a look together. Hope you enjoy my looks! 


Hat: Aldo Shoes

Blouse: Thrifted (Ann Taylor Loft)

Jeans Shorts: Thrifted

Pumps: Forever21

Blouse: Thrifted

Circle Skirt: Thrifted

Choker: Forever21

Nude Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Crown: Charlotte Russe

Pencil Skirt:/Choker: Forever21 Plus

Floral Cardigan: Thrifted

Booties: Charlotte Russe


See you in the next post,



Hey Everyone!!! Thanks so much for stopping by the style diary again! I've been absent for a couple of weeks due to recent events in the media. It's hard to be creative when you are burdened with all that is going on in the world. I chose to pray, and take an introspected look at how I can contribute to my country in the fight for justice and racial equality. I will update you guys about all of that in a later post. 

On a lighter note, styling my looks always makes me feel better! There is just something , almost medicinal for me, about getting up and getting dressed. It makes me feel like I can "conquer the world", if you will. In today's look, I dug in to the recesses of my closet and procured a pair of cargo pants/shorts I purchased quite some time ago. To disclose the date of purchase would be rather embarrassing, so I will keep that info to myself! Haha! 

I decided to take a feminine approach to the masculine repute of the cargo pant. I paired the pants with a recent thrift purchase (a flowy Ann Taylor Loft blouse), chandelier earrings, my latest shoe obsession (my nude minimalist sandal), and my "diaper bag". Oh, I almost forgot the pop of color on my wrist: that was a gift from my sister! Enjoy! 



Cargo Pants: Ecologie / Nude Sandals: Charlotte Russe / "Diaper Bag": Rosetti Handbags

Chandelier Earrings: A Gift.

Ann Taylor Loft Blouse: Thrift Find. / Statement bracelet for a fun pop of color: A Gift.

As you can see, it's totally possible to put together a season-appropriate ensemble that is both fabulous and affordable. I did not have to go retail shopping for a single thing. I think the key is to purchase staple items (statement jewelry, nude heels, a quality handbag, solid colors, etc.) in order to gain maximum use from your wardrobe. You will always look like you have on a new outfit, when, if fact, its simply a new combination! 



Here's a fun summer do-it-yourself project for you! Before you throw out that old pair of sandals...STOP! Have you considered upcycling them? 


Upcycling: "processing (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original."

I purchased some pom-poms, feathers, and craft glue from Michael's and I already owned a pair of loved sandals. This project came in at under $10! 


Thanks for stopping by, again! 




Hey you! 

Thanks for stopping by my site today! I styled this polo shirt for Father's day and  loved the way the look turned out. 'Polo shirts' was the theme of our family look. They can be very difficult to style on a woman, but I think a few elements helped it come together in my case. I tied a knot with the shirt at my hips, over the top of my jeans. I also wore a choker and 'countrified' this look with my wide-brim fedora. Lastly, I added a pair of appropriate heels. The end result was a fun semi-androgynous Western-inspired ensemble. Enjoy! 


Hat: Forever21/Choker: Forever21/ Polo: H&M (SImilar)/ Jeans: Old Purchase/ Heels: Forever21

So, tell me how you style or would style a polo shirt? Leave a comment below! 


Be Inspired xx,


My Father's House. A Reflection on Father's Day...

The presence of a father is so important in one's life. Is it possible to have a good life without a father? Yes. Is it possible to be successful without a father figure present? Yes. However, a father does make these things more easily attainable. For me, having my father present meant developing a sense of identity and belonging. I also knew a feeling of security and stability. I understood that no matter what happened to me out in the world I could always come back to my father's house. 

Thinking about this reminds me of how the same is true with Christ. Understanding who Christ is, and what He did for me on the cross means that I am clear on my identity. I am not confused about who I am or where I belong. I have a father in heaven that loves me so much He sent his own Son to die for me on the cross. Jesus died on the cross, rose from the grave and ascended to heaven to be with the Father. He is preparing a place for me. When all is said and done on this earth I have a place at my Father's house.

This brings me to the present day. Last year we welcomed our son Eilan into this world. He is the answer to many fervent prayers. He is our precious gift and we treasure every day that we get to spend with him.

My relationship with my earthly father has not been perfect by any stretch of the imagination but, this year as I raise my son, I have come to a more clear understanding of the sacrifice it takes to be a parent. I am so flawed, and sometimes I fear that my son will see me for the inadequate creature I really am. But then, I am reminded by the Lord that it's okay for him to see that. What he should also see is a limited mommy clinging to the feet of an unlimited Father. This authenticity is what will bring him into a relationship with Jesus Christ when the time comes.

My father recently accepted Christ as his Lord and personal savior and I was overjoyed to hear that! Since then, our relationship has begun the healing process. We are in two different places right now, but the relationship is the best it has ever been, and I look forward to the promise of growth the future holds. Jesus was the link to restore what was otherwise deficient in his life and in our relationship. Jesus will be the antidote to my shortcomings as a mother. Jesus will be the reason my son will feel loved, affirmed, and a sense of belonging.

As I edited these family photos I thought about how awesome it will be when Eilan is able to look back at them. Our purpose for documenting his life is so that he can gain resolve in his identity. When the storms of life hit him, he will know who he is, to whom he belongs, and that he can always come back home, to his father's house.

Enjoy the pics from our shoot. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my site today. I pray that whatever your current situation is with your father (whether he is present or not) that you will be encouraged in the love of our Heavenly Father. My Heavenly Father was always present even in places where my earthly father was not. I took comfort in that, and I pray you do as well.