The Space in Between...

Hey ya’ll,

 I’m absolutely loving this black and white look! With the weather being cooler here in Florida, I am finally able to don some warmer winter looks! This two-piece is from JustFashionNow. Watch the review on this outfit over on my YouTube channel! 

So, these sock booties are a bit unexpected with this look, especially for me. I decided to pair them with this look for a bit of interest. Some hoop earrings completed this simple, yet bold look. These days I’m all about making effortless fashion statements as a mom of two.   


Although this look is black and white my reality couldn’t be farther from that nowadays. I am learning that everything isn’t going to be either white or black. Certain situations call for a tolerance of the gray area. Certain predicaments will require a patience and a coaxing towards either extreme. 

Being a mom and wife has been stretching and maturing me in ways I never imagined. God has been using my roles to help me understand the depth of His love for me. I'm excited to continue embracing the black, the white, and the gray.