Our Son Turned One!

We feel so blessed to have been given this honor. Being parents to this little champion is a privilege we cherish everyday!!

Eilan: Last year this time we went in to the hospital because I felt some contractions, and found out that you were to be born! It was about a month ahead of schedule and we were nervous, but excited! 

We were so anxious on the car ride back home! Every speed bump and traffic stop gave us a mini heart attack. When we got home with you we weren't sure what to do with ourselves and the nurses were no where in sight! Here we are a year later and this is our new normal. Everything about you is perfect. Your larger-than-life smiles, your knowing glances, your penchant for balloons, your toy examinations, your love for crawling under chairs and tables, and the list goes on.

You added more purpose to our lives and it is our joy to be raising royalty. We will prayerfully continue to teach you in the ways of Christ. We love you!

Big thanks to Jamara Forbes Media for the FANTASTIC event photos! You are such an awesome friend!